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Pineapple Juice Manufacturers Have To Be Of High Standards

Posted by Admin on December, 29, 2014

Among the fruits consumed in most parts of the world, in the fresh fruit form, in tinned slices and also as a juice, Pineapple is one of the most popular. Pineapple is grown in many countries around the world. Pineapple Juice Manufacturers sell their products in the markets within the country and also export them to many countries. If you are intending to buy pineapple juice, in bulk, directly from the manufacturers, it pays to learn the background as to how pineapple juice or its concentrate is manufactured, and the type of food-processing equipments used in the manufacturing process.

Process of Manufacturing Pineapple Juice
Pineapple as sourced from the farms are first washed and then fed into the first set of equipments meant to do the coring and peeling of the fruit. Here, as the fruit moves, a curved knife will cut and remove the outer skin, and its angle can be adjusted based on the average size and diameter of the pineapples in each batch. The coring part involves segregating the core of the fruit through the use of a hollow contraption, and the juicy flesh portion of the fruit is now ready to be crushed for extracting the pineapple juice.

The actual extraction is done in sophisticated machines that are specially made for the application and the juice is then filtered and pasteurised, before being finally passed through the filtration equipments. Any excess water present is removed, leaving just the juice, which is filled through the automatic machines in cans or bottles in different sizes as per the demand or the orders.

Plant and Infrastructure
Some Pineapple Juice Manufacturers also make the pineapple juice concentrates, which helps in easier transportation to far away places. There is a distinct market that exists for the juice concentrates and a separate market for the pineapple juice. As you search for the best vendor for your requirements for pineapple juice, study their capabilities. Many of them listed in the local listings and industrial directories. Their website might give you some idea of the facilities and infrastructure they have. The type of machinery they have and the certifications their manufacturing facility has been issued are also critical since food articles and directly consumable or potable foods are governed by a number of government regulations in respect of hygiene, sanitation and so on. As long as the manufacturer fulfills these requirements, and if you are satisfied with their credentials, you may go ahead and place your orders. If you are happy, they could become your permanent source for the future as well.

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