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Different Types Of Onions

Posted by Admin on April, 11, 2014

Having its uses in a number of delicious recipes, Onion is a versatile ingredient that can spice up and enhance the flavor of any dish. It can be eaten as salad or can be used for texture and flavoring of several dishes. It is an ingredient without which any dish is incomplete. Besides the taste that it offers, it is rich in many nutritional compounds that are beneficial in stopping and preventing many diseases.

Onion can be sliced, grated, chopped and is eaten both raw and cooked. Dressing the hamburger, salad and sandwich with sliced onions will definitely make them more nutritious and tasty with a crunchy taste. Likewise, the onions can be used for seasoning dishes like soups, vegetable curries, stews, meat and several other dishes. The versatility of the onion is not only in terms of the usage but also in terms of its various types. Some of which are mentioned below.

Different Types Of Onions

  • Red onions – These onions can be used for color and flavoring. The outer skin is purple red in color while the flesh is white in color. Available in different sizes from medium to large, they have a mild and sweet flavor. They can be eaten raw in salads, grilled as well as cooked in different dishes.
  • White Onions- These white onions are white in flesh and skin. They are tender and have a light and thin skin with a pungent and strong flavor. They can be eaten raw and have a sweeter taste, besides adding in sauteed, heated and side dishes.
  • Yellow Onions- These yellow onions have golden brown skin which turns dark brown when sauteed. With a nice balance of sweet and astringent flavor, they turn sweeter when cooked and have a nice tender and meaty skin. They are too strong to be eaten raw due to the presence of high sulphur content.

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