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Posted by Admin on March, 06, 2014

Spices of India are known for their distinct aroma and flavor. Spices are derived from seeds, fruits, herbs, roots, leaves and bark of plants, and they are an indispensable ingredient in majority of culinary preparations in India. They enhance the taste, fragrance and color of the cuisines making them more delicious and palatable. India is the largest producer spices in the world and its spices are highly demanded in all corners of the world.


Indian Cardamom is exported to many countries because of its strong flavor and resinous fragrance. The spice is commonly used in cooking preparations and for several medicinal purposes. Spice Exporters mainly export two kinds of cardamom, green cardamom and black cardamom. Green cardamom is often used as a flavoring agent for tea and coffee, while black cardamom is generally used as a food ingredient.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are known for their excellent nutritional content and find use in Ayurvedic medicines to treat deficiency diseases. It is also an excellent condiment with Indian dishes and the oil extracted from these seeds is widely used in curries to spice up the taste.

Black Pepper

Indian black pepper has a distinctly sharp taste. It is also called the ‘king of spices’ due to its strong spicy taste and various health benefits. Black pepper is an excellent source of iron, Vitamin K and manganese.


Ginger is underground stem which is used as a spice in various forms, that are, fresh, dried, powdered or as an oil. The strong aroma of this spice adds a zing to many cuisines. Ginger is also used as a remedy to cure various ailments due to its therapeutic qualities. It is used in foods and drinks as a flavoring agent and for fragrance in soaps and cosmetics.

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