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Posted by Admin on November, 28, 2014

Barley is a cereal grain and is one of the oldest known foods cultivated by Man. Even today barley ranks high among the most cultivated grains when seen from the area under cultivation or the total volume of grain produced in the world. Barley finds many popular uses; the most familiar one perhaps is in brewing beer. Barley Seeds Exporters, therefore, stay busy meeting the demands of their customers.

Facts and Uses

Here are some basic facts about barley. Barley is said to belong to the grass family, and the crops come in two row and six row barley in the raw form. Barley is one of the easiest crops to cultivate and demands very little in terms of soil conditions and irrigation requirements. The crop tends to be affected by diseases as well, but experts are working on preventing them.

Barley seeds are put to many uses. As a grain, it is very effective, if included in the daily diet routine, as it can help control blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Further, it can bring down and control cholesterol levels and therefore, help in weight reduction programs. There have been studies to establish these benefits of consuming barley as a whole grain and in any form. People are known to consume barley as a soup or a stew, regularly. From the health viewpoint, barley contains a number of vitamins and minerals essential for the human body’s metabolism. Similarly, as animal and poultry feed, barley finds wide and extensive usage.

Used in Making Beer

As mentioned, breweries buy barley seeds and use them in the production of beer. The process involves taking the barley seeds and soaking it in water and allowing the seeds to sprout after draining the water. The sprouting process takes about five days. After this, the rootlets are removed and the resultant intermediary is the malted barley which goes into the fermentation process. First, the malted barley is mashed and then the enzymes are added, and the temperature of the liquid is raised to the appropriate level to obtain the malt extract. From here on, the brewing process takes over and beer obtained.

Barley Seeds Exporters make it a point to sort the seeds into different grades according to their end use and offer it to their prospective customers across the world. Customers would then choose what they desire and after the price negotiations, the orders could be placed and shipments made.

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